Windows 11

Windows 11 will have Dark mode active by default, you can switch to Light mode later on.

Microsoft, Windows 11

Microsoft has finally decided that the upcoming Windows 11 will have all the commercial SKUs ship with Dark mode enabled for all computers. This includes the Home edition, Pro Edition, and the Education and the Enterprise editions. However, users can switch to Light mode at their convenience. This news comes from the Microsoft Inspire event held last week.

As technology progresses, more and more people are staring at the computer screen for long durations. and that makes eyes fatigue when looking at the white screen all the time. For a few years, all the OEMs, be it Windows, Android, or iOS, all of them are moving towards the Dark mode so that users don’t fatigue their eyes.

You can test the Dark mode on Windows 11 Insider Preview which is currently being updated on a regular basis.

Source: Windows Central

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