Warframe makes its way to Android, also supports cross-platform gameplay.

During the TennoCon 2021, Digital Extremes revealed that their new co-op game Warframe will launch on Android with cross-platform gameplay support. Alongside, the company also showcased the gameplay live, on a smartphone live. There is not a date for the game to land on Android, but the gameplay does look promising along with the goodness of cross-play and cross-save features.

You can see that the game was being played on an iPhone though. However, you can also see that the game was being shown off within an open world with a lot of characters rendered at the same time. But it’s possible that the performance on Android will vary from device to device.

As of now the details of the launch is still in the dark. We have no official launch dates for the game on Android, although announced.

Source: Android Police

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