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iPhone 13 Might Finally Feature Always-On Display

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After generations of Android and even Windows phones and the Apple Watch, the iPhone is finally getting support for the always-on display. In addition to a bigger battery, 120 Hz refresh rate, smaller notch, and of course, better performance, the iPhone 13 may also get an LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) display just like the Apple Watch (via Bloomberg.)

The combination of LTPO and OLED display tech ensures that the phone’s screen remains constantly on but in a much-reduced capacity, but enough to simply display time and notifications icons, which translates into a considerably low usage of battery.

Nokia was the first phone manufacturer that featured always-on displays back in 2009, and the feature can be still in many Android phones like the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy lineups. So this is definitely not the first time someone is using the feature. But the main question is – can Apple do it better?