Google adds 1000 emojis on Android 12 with the new beta update.

Google has recently added new emoji designs in Android 12 with the new beta update. These new designs have cleaner looks along with some meaningful redesigns as well.

Although the emojis have a more clean look, these are redesigned keeping universally accessible in mind. That is, for example, the pie emoji. Google says that “it previously looked like a very specific American pumpkin pie (a family favorite!). Now it’s something everyone recognizes.”

With some other emojis, Google also mentions that the changes made are purely intentional. The bikini emoji looks “more” as an actual bikini. The new masked face emoji has open eyes which symbolizes that more and more people are getting vaccinated, thus slowly going back to normal.

In the food category, Google has made sure that the food looks more appetizing to the sender as well as the receiver. Some emojis will also change color depending on the mode your device is set to. Moreover, these emojis will come along with the stable Android 12 update this Fall and will support AppCompat as well. Later this month, other Google apps will also support these emojis so that you do not have to see those blank boxes again.

Source: Android Central

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