Microsoft Emoji Redesign 2021

Microsoft Redesigns 1800+ Emoji, Brings Back Clippy!

Design, Microsoft

2021 is up for a lot of visual redesigns, whether it be Android 12’s new color-based theming system or Windows 11. It was just a matter of time when Microsoft also decided to update its emoji, which honestly was due for quite some time now.

The most exciting redesigned emoji is the paper clip one, which changes from the boring old clip to Clippy!


The new emoji features a 3D design, that suits Microsoft’s Fluent Design language a lot better. Microsoft’s new emoji also looks on par with the rest of the platforms now, the old one simply looked like it needed an update.

The new emojis are not just 3D, but also have been redesigned to offer a new kind of semi-translucent acrylic kind of vibe.

Here’s a cool video from Microsoft –

There are a lot of new emojis as well, such as the work from home ones –

Work from home emoji microsoft

You can read more about Microsoft’s design process in this Medium post.