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APK teardown reveals the Pixel 6 series camera features.

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Android 12 comes with a new Google Camera, which is updated with the new version in Beta 3. The previous renders also suggested that the Pixel 6 series will come with a center punch-hole display for the selfie camera, with the recent mock-up, it has been verified. The APK teardown also reveals some interesting facts about the displays and the camera features of the upcoming Pixel 6 series.

Pixel 6 series – XL might come with a high-res display and some other features.

From the teardown, the codes inside the app show that the front-facing camera will be placed away from the left edge for a total distance of 540 pixels, however, P{ixel 6 XL will have the camera situated away from the left edge for a distance of 722 pixels. With the given pixel counts just for the distance, we can assume that the standard Pixel 6 will feature a 1080p display, whereas the Pixel 6 XL will feature a 1440p display.

For the punch hole, you will get to see a larger 75px diameter of the camera on the Pixel 6 XL. This is because, inside the code, the people have noticed a “p21_front_setup” feature enabled for the Pixel 6 XL but not for the Pixel 6. Hence, this confirms that the camera will be large and will be capable of recording at 4K.

Other than that, there is evidence that the Pixel 6 might come with a front-facing flash. For now, majority of the smartphones include Pixel flashes the screen to brighten the image when taking the selfie. Alongside, the Pixel 6 will feature a 7x zoom capability at 60FPS out of the box. Another piece of info from XDA states that there might be a special Ultra-Telephoto lens with 5x zoom capability in the upcoming Pixel devices. However, the renders don’t make it obvious so consider it as another rumor.

However, oddly enough, “SABRE_ALLOWED”, which defines the Super-Res zoom on the Pixel devices is turned off. Although, chances are that the Super-Res will be replaced by something else during the launch.

Source: 9to5Google

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