WhatsApp Multi Device Support

WhatsApp Beta Users Are Finally Getting Multi-Device Support

Facebook, WhatsApp

Facebook is rolling out the much-awaited multi-device support to the beta users. The new feature lets you use WhatsApp on your phone as well as on up to four other devices at the same time, even after your phone is offline. Your messages, media, and calls will still be encrypted.

To maintain privacy, a pairwise encrypted session is established between each of the sender’s and recipient’s devices in a one-on-one chat.

There are a few features however that are no supported in the first version of the multi-device beta. There’s no live location on companion devices, pinning chats on WhatsApp Web or Desktop, joining or viewing group invites from WhatsApp Web and Desktop, and calling from Portal or WhatsApp Desktop to linked devices that aren’t part of the multi-device beta.

Also, you cannot message or call anyone using a very old version of WhatsApp on their phone.

If you are a part of WhatsApp Beta and running the latest version, you can try the feature by opening the app and tapping More options > Linked Devices > Multi-device beta > Join Beta.

Facebook will be rolling out the feature to everyone by the end of the year.