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Live Fluid Components Are Coming to Microsoft Teams Soon!

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Fluid components, that can be edited inline, in real-time, are soon coming to Microsoft Teams. Fluid components are basically messages that have tables, action items, or a list that can be edited by everyone in line and could also be shared across Office apps like Outlook.

Microsoft Teams Fluid Components

Fluid components are accessible on both desktop and mobile.

Steps on Desktop:

  • Go to the box where you type a chat message and click on Insert live components right beneath the box.
  • Select the type of component you want to insert into your message. (Make sure the box is empty—with no other text in it—when you do this.)
  • Enter content into the component. Change permissions if needed.
  • When ready, send your message.

Steps on Mobile:

  • Tap Compose options in the + menu, then tap Components and select the type of component you want.
  • Enter content, and when ready, tap Send.

To co-edit a live component with other chat members:

  • Simply click inside the component and start typing.
  • See others editing with you in real-time.

Fluid components allow users to ideate, create and decide together virtually while holding fewer meetings and minimize the need for long chat threads.

The feature will begin rolling out this August.

Microsoft Teams für Windows 10 S (Vorschau)
Microsoft Teams für Windows 10 S (Vorschau)
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