Android 12 brings a new default ringtone and notification sound for Pixels.

With the Android 12 Beta 3 update, Google has provided Pixels with a new default ringtone. The new update to the Sounds app brings some new and interesting sounds for the users to use to remind them that someone is calling them, or you received a message from someone.

“Bright Morning” has been the default sound for the alarm clock, but with the new update, Google has added “Fresh Start” to the list of soundtracks. This is a more subtle sound than the previous default.

Fresh Start

Meanwhile, “Eureka” will be the new default instead of “Popcorn” for the default notification. This new tone has a smooth ending.


A new ringtone also made its way into your Pixel already. This new ringtone will be called “Your New Adventure”. This, in comparison to “The Big Adventure” will be more subtle to the ears.

As of now, you can set the new tones “Bright Morning” and “Eureka” in Android 12 Beta 3. Later with the future stable release, these will become the default tones.

Source: 9to5Google

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