5 Outdated SEO Techniques That Will Not Work Anymore

SEO is not getting any easier for digital marketers. Google is constantly updating its search engine’s algorithms. Several search engine optimization techniques might not work anymore with the latest updates on the penguin and panda algorithms. Essentially, this particular volatility calls for agility and the ability to adapt for digital marketers. This will be critical in adapting to changes implemented in search engines. Now that you are here, you probably want to learn a few tricks that can help you surmount the problems presented by these updates. Typically, overcoming a problem requires an understanding of the problem itself. In this piece, I will guide you through the various techniques that are no longer useful for your digital marketing.

1. Using More Links for Higher Ranking


In the past, you must have used this technique. Typically, the method involves getting as many backlinks as possible. With this technique, we never took a deeper look at how the SEO of the linking domain worked. This led to high rankings. However, with the latest release of the Penguin algorithm, the number of links is not as helpful as the quality of the links themselves. In a nutshell, quantity is no longer as important as quality.

2. Using More Keywords to Get a Better Ranking


This technique required the use of exact keywords for great ranking. However, this technique has become obsolete with the latest ranking algorithm that uses LSI – latent semantic indexing. Essentially, this indexing evaluates your webpage and returns a list of the most common phrases and words. These words then are combined to form the webpage keywords. Therefore, you don’t need to place keywords in an exact way in your webpage anymore. All you need to do is focus on content delivery and use related terms.

3. Main Focus Should Be the Content and Links


This technique was a great idea many years ago. However, with the current changes added to Google’s search engine optimization engine, the method does not work anymore. Currently, you will find that tons of websites are doing well and don’t rely on content and links. Essentially, the new way of doing things is the ability to attract a social following. Typically, you can make your website popular by making use of social media platforms.

4. Building More Pages for High Traffic


Panda algorithm can detect bad content and also subject your website to a penalty. This technique required the use of high quantities of web pages to generate visits. However, with the new technology implemented at Google, content quantity is no longer necessary. Therefore, avoid black hat SEO and ensure that your webpage is made of quality content.

5. Use High Rankings to Get More Traffic


Despite your webpage ranking high on googles search results, the number of clicks coming through might not be as high. Essentially, you might be lacking in appealing meta descriptions and keyword strategy. In addition, your featured snippets could be becoming a common view that keeps the traffic away.




To improve your local SEO rankings, avoid outdated SEO techniques. Essentially, more links, pages, content quantity, and rankings are no longer the cutting-edge SEO practices. Content quality and social visibility are now the go-to techniques.


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Emily Lamp
Emily Lamp

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Anindya Chowdury
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