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Apple Asks Suppliers to Boost Up iPhone 13 Production to 90 Million Units Till Late 2021

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Apple is asking its suppliers to ramp up the production of the next-generation iPhone that will be launched in September this year. The Cupertino company is expecting to ship 90 Million units of what is going to be called the iPhone 13.

Apple usually orders around 75 Million units of a new iPhone for its launch period that runs from September/October to the end of the year. However, this time the company is increasing its production by around 20%.

Perhaps the main reason for ordering more units is that the company probably believes that the phone will have stronger sales this year COVID-19 vaccination progresses around the world. This will also be the second generation of iPhones that will feature support for 5G, which will boost sales as well.

The update was given by Bloomberg, which also said that the changes to this year’s iPhone model would rather be more incremental. This also means that the new iPhone could also be called iPhone 12S.

The new iPhone could also feature an LTPO display that will be capable of offering variable refresh rates. The sizes of this year’s iPhones will be the same as that of the predecessors

More details about the new-gen iPhone models are awaited.