Samsung shows off the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 in a recent video.

Samsung is apparently teasing their upcoming devices in a recent video uploaded on YouTube. The video is all about the app developers talking about the Good Lock platform. This video, called the “Voice of Galaxy” features developers, and interestingly, the Galaxy Z Fold 3. And that too while wearing a Galaxy Watch 4!

Although Samsung (deliberately) tried to hide the Z Fold 3 with a leather case, we can see the camera cut out clearly, chances are that the leather case will hold the S Pen in place, but that is just speculation. On the other hand, we can see a Galaxy Watch 4 with Silver bezels clearly. Along with the silver rotating bezel, you can also see the flat buttons as well.

Galaxy Z Fold 3

The watch is also having a leather strap attached, which means this might go on sale soon enough with the watch. Coming to the main content of the video, all they talk about the Good Lock and how users around the world (well, launched in certain countries, but still I mention it as world).

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Watch 4 will be launched side by side on August 11.

Source: Sammobile

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