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AT&T is Removing Data Cap, Offering 40GB Hotspot for Unlimited Elite Plan

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AT&T has announced that it will no longer cap high-speed data on its Unlimited Elite plan starting this week. The carrier is also adding more benefits to the plan at no additional costs for customers.

Previously, customers were capped at 100GB of high-speed data per month. Once the data was used, AT&T would slow down the speed. With today’s announcement, customers would get access to truly unlimited high-speed data. The company is also giving them an additional 10GB of monthly hotspot data on top of their existing 30GB allowance.

AT&T’s Unlimited Elite customers will now have access to videos of up to 4K, instead of the previous 1080p limit for content streaming, which also includes HBO Max content too.

Existing customers do not have to do anything to activate the new feature and they will get an SMS notification once their new benefits are switched on.

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