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While there are a lot of people in IT or in any other industry that works with Google docs and Google sheets every single day to organize particular information and a lot of them do not know how to add superscript and subscript letters and words in these applications or software.

In simple words, there are two main ways, either you use a special Unicode to add a letter or use a small text generator to automatically convert the text you want to add. You can try the website, they offer a generator that allows easy conversion of your text into superscript and subscript. However, in this blog, we are going to discuss the manual method.

What is Superscript and how to add these in Google Docs and Google Sheets?

There is a regular text line that we write on and letters or numbers above this specific line is a type of text called a superscript. This is used for various purposes like adding a trademark or copyright symbol or indicate endnotes or footnotes in academic writing and so on.

Method to add Superscript in Google Docs

Here are two easy methods:

  • Using mouse or keyboard commands, highlight the text you want to change and press [CTRL] + [.].
  • Select the text, click on the “Format” present in the top menu > text and then superscript. The selected text will convert into superscript.


Superscript in Google Sheets

As compared, using superscripts in sheets is rather difficult and you have to follow some steps and mainly use the CHAR () function to achieve the results you desire. Here are the steps.

  • To do this, you need to select an empty cell or create an extra sheet to enter functions.
  • Entre =CHAR() into the cell and in between the brackets, you will have to add a specific Unicode to get access to the number or letter you want to convert into superscript. You will find these codes easily online.
  • After the correct entry of the exact function with the code, press enter and the number or letter will appear in the cell within seconds.
  • No copy and before pasting Right-click on the cell you want to convert
  • By clicking the right mouse button, a pop-up menu will appear. Choose “Paste Special” and after that “Paste Values Only” option
  • Doing this will allow the superscript letter or number to appear in the cell
  • Edit the cell and in front of the converted letter or number you can continue to add whatever you want

How to subscript in Google Docs, Google Sheets & Slides

It is the type of text formatting that is used to put letters or numbers below the text line. It is used in different areas but mainly for writing chemical compounds like O2.

Method to add Subscript In Google Docs

The two easy methods are listed below:

  • Highlight the text or section that need conversion and press [CTRL] + [,] to convert the text into superscript.
  • Highlight the text > Click on menu > Format > Text > Subscript. The text will be converted in some milliseconds.


Method to change text into Subscript In Google Sheets

The same CHAR () function will be used here and it is complicated as well as compared to any other software.

Here is a step by step guide.

  • Similar to the superscript method, click on a spare cell or add an extra sheet.
  • Entre =CHAR() in the cell and add the numerical code in between the brackets to access the right letter or number. The codes are different from superscript and are present online.
  • The number or letter will appear in the cell after entering the correct CHAR function.
  • Copy the cell and right-click on the cell where you want to paste it and select the same options as in superscript.
  • The converted subscript letter or number will appear in the cell.
  • You can now edit as per your needs by clicking on the cell.
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