India Appoints New IT Minister Amid New Rules and Stringent Social Media Regulations

The Indian Government has gone all-in against the Big Tech, including Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon. New Delhi has just sworn in a new IT Minister in place of former minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, who was responsible for one of the most stringent regulations against big tech companies in entertainment, social media, fintech and commerce.

Prasad opposed WhatsApp’s new privacy policy and implied bringing changes to it. He also worked towards to formation of new and revised IT Rules 2021 that tried to bring some control over social media in the country.

Prakash Javedkar, another minister that was formerly holding the position of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, had sought to streamline and censor OTT platforms like Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, and more.

However, as of yesterday, both of these ministers have resigned from their positions as a part of a major cabinet reshuffle in the government.

But does this have anything to do with the Big Tech playing games to move them out?

Well, we do not know that for sure. But the Big Tech will definitely be happy to see the duo gone. The New IT Minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw, has some impeccable academic credentials. He is a format IAS officer and alumni from IIT as well as Wharton.

He understands and speaks tech, and this is something companies would really encourage.


Karthik Mudaliar
Karthik Mudaliar
Karthik Mudaliar is a Computer Science student, who loves to write about science and technology. In his free time, you will find him reading finance books or scrolling Twitter. Feel free to contact him on any of the social media below or email him at [email protected]

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