Geekbench removes the OnePlus 9 series post allegations.

Geekbench has removed all the benchmark results of the entire OnePlus 9 series because of a cheating allegation on the entire series. This piece of news comes from AnandTech who reports that there is something weird going on with the OnePlus 9 Pro – the high-end variant in the bunch. The report suggests that OxygenOS is limiting the performance of some of the popular Android apps after all.

What the actuall allegations one OnePlus 9 series is?

OnePlus does have a history of cheating in the benchmarks. During the OnePlus 5 launch and afterward, the users did notice that the system does push the limits of the device when a benchmark app is encountered. This will increase the performance of the device synthetically, thus marking that the device does have a better performance in comparison to the others in the market.

This time, they are doing this in the opposite direction. They are limiting the Android Apps capabilities during the benchmarks, well in order to conserve the power of the device, which may not manipulate the benchmark but still gives a false pretext to the user that the device has better battery life after all, which do reflects in the benchmarks. And thanks to that Geekbench have finally removed the benchmarks of the entire OnePlus 9 series from their listing.

Source: Android Authority

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