Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature a 108MP sensor instead of the rumored 200MP sensor.

Samsung has recently launched its 200MP sensor at a press event. And it was rumored to feature on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, that rumor comes out to be a fail as the new rumors have stated that Samsung will go with a 108MP sensor instead.

IceUniverse has confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature a 108MP sensor instead of the said 200MP sensor. The reason is that the company will use a new but mature 108MP sensor called the ISOCELL HM3. This is said to be a polished sensor, but no one knows how.

The chances of getting new but stable features like better pixel binning, along with the smallest sensor possible with variable aperture to receive more light and improve the night photography are quite high.

It may be possible there are some design issues with the sensor which was found during the mass production, or else they just want to go with the 108MP to see how far the sensor can go.

Source: GSMArena

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