Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is now on Windows 11 store.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC makes its way to the Microsoft store after Microsoft announced that you can upload your apps to the Microsoft Store – be it a WPF app or a UWP or a full-fledged Win32 app, this brought many firms to bring their apps to the Microsoft Store. First OBS came, then Canva, and now Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

You might see the app not supported on my device as of now.

The app was spotted by people at Windows Central revealing that the app is available on the store. Acrobat Reader is free software that can be used to work with PDF files. Moreover, being an old software, Adobe still supports the app and constantly updates it.

Thanks to Microsoft, the app does not need to get updated from Microsoft Store, but can directly be supported by the Adobe. This might backfire Microsoft someday later thanks to security issues, but let’s see what happens.

Source: Windows Central

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