Twitter Considers Letting Users Tweet to ‘Trusted Friends’

Twitter is considering letting users post select tweets for “Trusted Friends” only.  Trusted Friends could be a toggle that lets you indicate whether a tweet should be made public or be shown to just a handful of users.

The idea is similar to Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature, which lets users share personal Stories more privately. Bringing the option to Twitter would allow users who have multiple Twitter accounts to separate their personal and professional lives. To tweet from a single account and have greater control of who sees what on their timeline.

It could also mean some users no longer have to toggle between public and protected tweets. Twitter recently announced new ways for creators and influencers to deliver content to specific users who pay to access its “Super Follow” feature And Trusted Friends feels like an experimental extension of the idea that would be available to all users.

As with Trusted Friends, neither of these features are currently in active development. And Twitter is simply seeking feedback to see whether they’re worth pursuing or not.

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