Google RCS wins again as AT&T makes Google Messages the default message app for their smartphones.

Google RCS or Rich Communication Services is gaining popularity since its launch a few years back. However, the adoption rate was slow, and many hesitated that Google might kill this feature yet again in the coming years. But that day isn’t coming anytime soon, as Google bags another win after AT&T makes Google Message the default messaging app in the smartphones they sell.

The news comes straight from the carrier announcing partnership with Google, promising to bring more of the Google services on their smartphones along with best in class Android devices for the customers to purchase. However, this announcement has made Verizon feel old-fashioned.

Before everything worked in Google’s favor, carriers were trying to implement similar stuff on their own but failed terribly. Moreover, only a handful of devices got RCS from AT&T during the initial days. In fact, carriers joined hands to rival Google, but the outcome was a catastrophe. Thus the project was abandoned, and carriers joined hands with Google for the features. Anytime soon, Verizon will also think to do a partnership with Google for their services.

Source: Android Central

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