Android APKs Sideload Windows 11

Windows 11 Will Allow You To Install APKs From Outside The Amazon Store

Android, Microsoft, Windows 11

One of the key reasons Windows 11 is so exciting is the ability to run Android apps, natively, kind of. Microsoft has partnered up with Amazon to bring its whole category of Android apps via the Amazon Store, via the Microsoft Store, to Windows 11.

To install an Android app on Windows 11, users need to be signed in to the Microsoft Store via a Microsoft Account and also have an Amazon account to sign in to the Amazon App store. Amazon will also require you to download a standalone app, the first time you do the process.

Well, it is a little complicated but you will get the hang of it. But one thing we weren’t sure of, was the ability to just sideload APKs directly instead of going through this multi-registration step and then hitting the download button.

Thanks to an engineer from Microsoft, we now know the answer.

There is not really much to know about how the process will work. And maybe it is going to be even more complicated than installing an app from the Amazon store itself. But regardless of the speculation, you will definitely be able to sideload apps on Windows 11.