First DDR5 desktop RAM announced, will be available from July.

TeamGroup has been working since 2020 along with many motherboard manufacturers and DRAM manufacturers. And fruit of their R&D is the first DDR5 desktop RAM! These RAM modules will be available starting the month of July worldwide.

ELITE U-DIMM DDR5 – The first of the new DDR5 RAM. But should you buy them right now?

For the specifications, the Elite DDR5 RAM will come with 16GBx2 clocked at a freaking 4800MHz with core voltage of 1.1V CL40-40-40-77, which matches the specifications mentioned by JEDEC. Given the low voltage, you will see more power efficiency on this RAM in comparison to the DDR4.

The main highlight is the doubling of the 16 banks to 32 banks on the DDR5 RAM, which improves the structure or say rigidity of the IC. For stability, the RAM module comes with ECC memory to make sure the RAM recovers from any issues and gets back to work as nothing has ever happened. This will ensure more stability for the RAM in daily usage.

If you are looking for swapping your old DDR4 RAM with these new ones, then stop right there. First of all DDR4 slots will not support the new RAM. Second the cost. Each module will cost around $299 for a 16GBx2 module pack. These are supported by Intel 600 chipsets for now. For availability, you can buy them from Amazon US, Newegg, Amazon Jap[an and various other retails across Europe.

Source: VideoCardz

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