Productions of Pixel Foldable Display to start in October!

Pixel Foldable Display has been in the rumors since August last year. Looks like the Display productions for the device might just be in the process of making.

According to reports from The Elec, productions for the Foldable OLED panels by the Samsung Display will begin in October. Customers include Vivo, Xiaomi, and Google.

Pixel Foldable Display
Samsung Foldable Display

Further, the reports specify that the Pixel Foldable Display will be a 7.6-inch In-Folding display panel. This Foldable device by Google is popularly being coined as the “Pixel Fold

As the Diplay analyst, Ross Young puts it, the “Pixel Fold” is speculated to launch somewhere around the end of this year, 2021. This aligns with the reports from Elec which suggest that the company plans on announcing the device in the last Quadrant of this year.

According to history, Google generally trends to announce the devices in October. The Pixel Foldable is most likely to be announced in the “2021 Made By Google” lineup devices. This lineup is going to include Whitechapel, Pixel 6, and a new Wear OS. It is also speculated that while the devices will be announced in October, the availability for the devices will be set at a later date.

via - 9To5Google

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