Android and Windows users can now use Facetime on their browsers

FaceTime is getting a few additional capabilities, according to Apple. New invite links allow users to join a video conference from practically anywhere, which is a remarkable feature. FaceTime video conversations are now available to consumers on the best Android phones and the web.

FaceTime, which was previously only available on iPhones and Macs, will now be available to billions of Android and Windows users thanks to iOS 15. iPhone users running iOS 15 will be able to create a link to a FaceTime chat and share it via the regular share sheet, allowing them to send the link to others via apps or email.

FaceTime will not be available via a specific Android app, but rather through the device’s web browser, according to the release. It’s unclear how effective this will function, but it’s clear that Apple is preserving the finest FaceTime functionality for its own devices.

Teleconferencing has been more popular in recent months, since the COVID-19 pandemic has touched most of the world, and businesses and employees have continued to work from home. Bringing FaceTime to more devices is expected to be well-received, particularly among families that use multiple platforms.

When iOS 15 is released for existing iPhones in the fall, the feature will most likely be available.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
Student and a Blogger from India.

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