Samsung phones might come with Ray Tracing with AMD GPU. Does it even make any sense?

Samsung partnered with AMD to make new GPU for their Exynos SoCs back in the year 2019. Since that time untill today, we didn’t know as of what this collaboration bring, but now we know that this is taking a very different directions. As per the news, we will see Ray Tracing on the next generation Exynos that is going to launch soon.

During the ongoing Computex 2021, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su announced some important details about the upcoming GPU architecture for the mobile.

AMD is partnering with Samsung on its next-generation Exynos SoC, which will feature custom AMD RDNA 2 architecture-based graphics IP that brings ray tracing and variable rate shading capabilities to flagship mobile devices,

Dr. Su also adds that Samsung will announce more details about the upcoming 5G SoC later this year. It is rumored that Samsung will announce a flagship SoC, namely Exynos 2100 later this year, We might get to see the next generation Galaxy S-series devices with AMD-powered SoC. Also, we might see an Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU for laptops later as well.

However, the point is, what is the use of ray tracing in the mobile phone?

Source: Android Authority

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