9 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Game Experience

If your gaming setup involves nothing more than your smartphone, then don’t panic. Neither should you consider your mini device any less than the super-expensive gaming consoles.

Your mobile device can deliver a full-scale gaming performance given that you treat it right. And use it right.

How exactly or what exactly are we talking about there, let’s have a look at it ourselves.


Optimize Your Phone’s Speed


Perhaps the very first way to improve your mobile gaming experience is to get rid of lags or any possibilities of lag. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Switching to a Gaming Phone
  2. Cutting down the multi-tasking

To enjoy the best mobile gaming experience, it is crucial to invest in a decent gaming phone. These devices get built a little differently. Their processors cool quickly. They often have pressure-sensitive areas and better refresh rates to keep the game running smoothly.

Secondly, you need to reduce the current load on your phone. Your mobile device is constantly multi-tasking as you switch between apps. So, before you head onto a game, make sure you click on the multi-window icon at the bottom of your screen and click clear. For Apple devices, you can swipe up on the right or double-click on the home button. If you have a device optimizer or cleaner installed, use it to clear the load on the RAM now and then.

Note that this measure will be important for graphic intensive games like PUBG and Fortnite. They inflict loads of pressure on the processor.


Prioritize Sound Experience


Unlike gaming consoles, mobile gaming does not promise immersive surround sound by default. But as mentioned earlier, your little soldier is no less than a gaming console. With the use of appropriate accessories and equipment, you can enhance the sound experience.

You can do so by either making effective use of wireless headphones. Unlike phone speakers, wireless headphones provide a better sense of direction by enhancing the sound. Plus, wired or wireless mobile headphones promise privacy so that you can even continue with your gaming in a public place. These are super portable as well.

However, if you crave the console-like gaming experience with the booms and thuds filling the room, then you should opt for a gaming chair with speakers. The latter is a budget-friendly accessory for having a full-scale gaming experience in terms of sound with only a phone. Your phone would connect to it wirelessly via Bluetooth or so, and you can enjoy it endlessly.


Get Yourself an External Controller


Now, another thing that can boost your gaming experience is the use of a controller. Although we all have become quite too used to touchscreens, nothing can replace the sturdiness, feasibility, and convenience of a keyboard, mouse, and gaming controller. These accessories are robust enough to sync with your hyped-up, aggressive, and enthusiastic situation. But if you decide to go intensive on a touchscreen, the ever-so-quick sensors may have you on the enemy’s feet. Or maybe the screen may hang for a second or two, and you’re stuck in your position when you were supposed to run.


Switch on the Gaming Mode


These days you’re likely to find a gaming mode in your phone. Ever wondered what its purpose is and if you switch it on while gaming, what benefit will you get?

Well, if not, let us tell you. The gaming mode automatically optimizes your device and readies it for gaming. It cuts down the load on the battery to the maximum possible extent and contributes to boosting the performance of your phone. It allows monitoring of thermal temperature and clock speed. Plus, it even allows blocking all notifications temporarily.

Some phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Asus ROG already come equipped with the gaming mode. However, if your phone doesn’t come with the gaming mode, then you can even download apps that provide this mode from the Play Store.


Or the Do-Not-Disturb feature


Alternatively, if you do not have the space for a gaming mode app, then you can make use of your phone’s built-in Do Not Disturb feature.

Like the gaming mode app, it helps you to focus on the game by blocking calls, messages, and other notifications for as long as you play.


Make use of Chromecast


Okay, so we’re suggesting gaming relaxing chairs with speakers, controllers, and even wireless headphones. You have everything console-like but the screen. It is still small and difficult to navigate. Check out this ErgoTune!

Well, if that’s your trail of thought, then we’d recommend you to make use of Chromecast or Airplay right away and address this issue too. Just make sure your TV is compatible with chromecast or Airplay, and enjoy all your games on the big screen!


Communicate with Discord


By far, Discord is a famous portal for all gamers to connect. So, if you seek companionship in your games or would like to build a team, then you can connect with them on Discord.

There’s a new feature on this junction as well, i.e., game detection. It allows other gamers to know what you’re playing currently. So, they can join you in action. You won’t have to ask them separately.


Get a Power Bank


Know that gaming is a battery-intensive function for your phone. When you play a game, there’s the involvement of the display, RAM, GPU, CPU, as well as constant data connection. All of these drain your battery real quick. You can expect it to drain twice as early as its usual time. And that would mean your gaming would become limited to only some hours.

But the use of a power bank can turn the tables. Buy yourself a power bank from a good company that offers sufficient charge storage. And then play all through the day!

Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
MERN-Stack Web Developer trying to C Rust. Also writing articles sometimes.

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