Google Pixel 3 64GB available from B&H for under $200.

Google Pixel 3 made through headlines, not just because of the best in class cameras but also for the first Pixel device to leak completely just before the launch. Anyways that’s just the past. As of now, Pixels have been better value for money given how they targeted for mid-range for an entire generation. And now, the Pixel 5 been following the same, and hence have no devices with flagship hardware, we are only left with the Pixel 3 series. As of now B&H is giving heavy discount on the Pixel 3 64GB.

As for the deal, you will get an unlocked device, so that you can use the device for any of the carrier. Although you will miss out 5G here, but as of now 5G is not properly implemented and do faces issues at many place, so LTE is more than enough for now. Other than T-Mobile most of the carriers are on 4G-LTE whereas T-Mobile still uses 2G and 3G besides 4G and 5G. So you will face no issues with any of the carriers.

And since the hardware is a two year old device, you will get Android 9 out of the box, with upgradability till Android 12 (most probably, since its in Beta right now). You get Snapdragon 840 SoC, along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of UFS 2.1 storage. At the back you will get a single 12.2 MP camera, powerful enough for Astrophotography. For the selfies, you get a dual camera setup, both having 8MP sensors. The display is a 5.5-inch P-OLED HDR display with FHD resolution.

As for the price, you will just have to shell out $169.99 at B&H within next 9 hours.

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