Simpler way to pickout emoji, GIF and sticker in Google Messages!

Google has some new and major updates for its Messages app. For a long time, entering emojis GIFs, and sticker in the text through the Google Messages app was a tad bit complicated. But Google is now finally redesigning this section of the app to simplify its use and enter them much easier.

Earlier, emojis, GIFs, and stickers existed separately in the app. While the emojis could be found in the smiley face that’s present in the messaging field next to the send button. Meanwhile, for accessing the GIFs and stickers, you would have to use the ‘+’ at the very left.

Now with the new design, all these expressive options are now consolidated into one menu. the smiley face is all you need to access any media insertion in Google Messages. The smiley face not only brings up the standards emoji picker but also includes the GIFs and stickers in separate tabs as well. Google has also added a prominent search field at the very top.

Google-Messages-emoji-picker Google-Messages-emoji-picker Google-Messages-emoji-picker

All in all, this new design gives a much clear look to Google Messages making the app much more functional and easy to use. This new design will come with version 8.0 of the app. This update will soon be available Play store.

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