HBO Max to launch $10-a-month tier with ads first week of June

HBO Max’s cheaper, ad-supported tier will cost $10 a month and launch in the first week of June. It’ll come the week after possibly just days after HBO Max premieres its Friends reunion special on May 27.

But anyone subscribed to the cheaper tier is expected to be locked out. From watching any of the big-screen Warner Bros. Movies that HBO Max starts streaming the same day they hit theaters. That means anyone wanting to stream In the Heights.

The Suicide Squad, Dune, or The Matrix 4 will have to level up to HBO Max’s standard, $15-a-month, ad-free tier. The new tier is called simply HBO Max With Ads, and the company said it’s committed to having the least amount of commercials of all ad-based streaming services.

It’ll include unconventional ad formats, like ads that show up only when you pause whatever you’re watching.

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