LG Velvet 2 Pro will be the final flagship, available only to the employees.

Before everything was about to end, LG was working with some of the new smartphones, which were meant to launch in a couple of months or by next year. One of them was the LG Velvet 2 Pro. Now, when LG decided to sell the mobile business, the device is now meant for the LG employees to purchase, when development completes.

According to a leaked info from FrontTron, the LG Velvet 2 Pro will only have 3000 units in all, just meant for the employees to buy it. Although the device looks similar to the LG Velvet, there is a pressure sensitive touch button on the power and volume buttons. The color options are Black, Ivory and Bronze, and will be available with maximum 2 units per employee.


For the specifications, there are no many details but the backside might feature the same Velvet design but with a larger main sensor. As for the pricing, the company is asking for a nominal $170 for each device. But there is some hidden after-sales stuff. You will not get the software update anyways, which is well expected. And you only get 6 months of after-sales service in case there is a defect or broken display, or till the parts last.

Source: Android Authority

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