Xiaomi reached a settlement with the ban in the US market.

During the Trump Administration and thanks to Covid-19 outbreak, Xiaomi was placed in the blacklist of the companies that cannot do a business in the US. It seems that the government is reaching a settlement with Xiaomi on that matter.

Back in January, Xiaomi was accused of having the link with Chinese Military, due to which a trade ban was imposed. A similar ban had brought Huawei on their knees since the last year. Although the two parties have reached a settlement, a report from Bloomberg shows that there are no conditions or timings as of when the ban will be lifted.

Unlike Huawei, Xiaomi is just making and selling smartphone and have no connection with the telecommunication industry, due to which the parties have reached a settlement. As for Huawei, things aren’t looking good for them yet. As of the lifting of the ban, the US Defence and Xiaomi are planning to file a joint proposal before May 20.

Source: 9to5Google

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