Nothing Ear 1

Carl Pei Teases Nothing Ear 1 on Twitter

Nothing, Tech

Nothing – Carl Pei’s new tech startup – is all set to roll out its first wireless earbuds, called the Ear 1. Pie left OnePlus last year and is ever since working on his new venture. The Ear 1 will be the company’s first commercial product and will be available in June this year.

Pei describes the earbuds as Nothing’s “first step in a long and exciting journey ahead”. The company’s goal is “remove barriers between people and technology” that will still deliver a “seamless digital future” that actually looks like nothing. The Ear 1’s design will be a mixture of “transparency, iconic form, and refined functionality”.

Let us see how Nothing turns out to be, in an area already surrounded by legacy headphone makers and giants like Apple that have the ability to disrupt the market by just allowing a product to get integrated into their ecosystem.