5 Tips to Boost Your Product Sales

Are you still trying out the old techniques for improving sales figures? It’s time you move beyond push-selling and focus more on creating awareness!


Selling has changed and so has the mantra!


Selling is no more asking people to purchase the product. Now, selling is more about making the people aware of your product!


Boosting the product sales during COVID 19 can be quite tricky!


But what is all the fun, if things are not challenging?


As the pandemic heat rises, don’t dwell on the low sales volume, as these 5 tricks will help you generate double-digit sales in no time!


Take your business online, and let the digital revolution do the trick for you!


1.  Learn the Video Marketing Trick: Do you remember how we used to sell our products in the analog world?

By seeing and using them!

Selecting the right product would always mean having a hands-on experience with the product. But it is getting difficult to have a physical product during the pandemic.

As a seller, it has thus become important to leverage video!

With video getting 77% more traffic than content, it is better to switch to video marketing to showcase your product.

This way, not only you can gain trust but can enhance an improved sales funnel.


2. Focus more on testimonials: Let people know what your customers say!

Word of Mouth should never be underestimated!

Product review sites are one of the best platforms on which you can actually go ahead and create a number of tutorials, articles, and listicles that can work in your product with a review based story.

With the pandemic pushing everyone back to our homes, it is time businesses focus on virtual people interaction!

A shift from content-based testimonials to experiential story sharing!

Do you have any user who wants to share their story of purchasing your product?

Call them onboard!

Ask them for a video testimonial and help your users to gain a first-hand review of the product!

An authentic, tested and successful method as well!


3. Every brand has a story. What is yours?

At a time when people are looking forward to bigger brands to generate authenticity, selling is highly dependent on great brand building!

Build a brand image that can stand tall against all forms of competition.

And a strong brand image comes from an exciting brand journey!

Don’t have one yet?!

Just share your journey, as-is!

What might be boring for you, can be quite exciting for your target audience!

Sales happen when your consumer can relate to you!

Make that happen!


4. Innovation is the key for acing competitions: What happens when you don’t innovate?

Nokia, Kodak Xerox!

Yes, you read it right! Technology is accelerating at a pace of more than 15% globally!

Don’t you think it takes merely 6 years for a product to become obsolete?

So, for staying longer in the business, innovation is the key!


5. Finally, interact more: You will not experience what is not working out if you don’t interact with your consumers quite often.

It is important you know, why a customer leaves the sales funnel. It is vital that you pinpoint where the abandonment of the cart occurs and dig deeper to know more about why it happens!

And, all these are possible if you interact with your consumers, learn to know about their expectations, and bring forward the changes!

Bottom line: Improving sales is not an overnight phenomenon! Sales can improve only if the marketing is taken care of! Make sure, you look into the marketing funnel as well, to eventually generate tremendous sales volume, at an improved ROI!

Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
MERN-Stack Web Developer trying to C Rust. Also writing articles sometimes.

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