Pixel, Pixel 6

Pixel 6 might come with Ultra-Wide Band support.

Google, Pixel

A new leak suggests that Google is working o bringing UWB support on Pixel 6. The UWB allows precision location tracking and communication. The technology has already made its way to iPhones and Galaxy devices.

The leak news comes from Editor-in-Chief of XDA, Mishaal Rahman, who recently tweeted that Google is testing Android 12’s UWB on one of its device called “raven”, which is the codename for the GS101-powered Pixel device. And Its still unclear as if “raven” is called Pixel 6, Pixel 6 XL or any other device.

As per the 9to5Google, they have dived into the source code of Android 12, which shows limited uses of UWB in the system apps. And it is also possible that Google is working on its own tracker system just like iPhone and Galaxy devices have. In 2020, Xiaomi also demonstrated their implementation of UWB for smart home connectivity.

More yet to surface in the coming days!

Source: Android Authority

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