Days Gone available for Pre-order on Steam, to launch on May 19th.

Days Gone has been listed to launch on May 19th. After Sony partnered with Microsoft last year, it opened the door (somehow) for the PlayStation game developers to port their games to the PC. And the very first game was Horizon: Zero Dawn, which received quite well after launch and thanks to Guerrilla Games’ progressive effort to improve the game since it got several bugs during the launch. As of now, Days Gone will be the second PlayStation title that has made its way to the PC world.

Days Gone coming next month, includes PC exclusive features.

Days Gone is developed by Bend Games, and was launched as PlayStation Exclusive in the 2019. But the next year, Microsoft partnered with Sony for certain reasons, which made ways for the the PS exclusive games to enter the PC world.

The Steam Page describes the game features:

  • A striking setting: From forests and meadows to snowy plains and desert lava fields, the Pacific Northwest is both beautiful and lethal. Explore a variety of mountains, caves, mines, and small rural towns, scarred by millions of years of volcanic activity.
  • Brutal encounters: With vicious gangs and hordes of Freakers roaming the land, you’ll need to make full use of a variety of customizable traps, weapons, and upgradable skills to stay alive. Don’t forget your Drifter bike, an invaluable tool in a vast land.
  • An ever-changing environment: Jump on the saddle of Deacon’s trusty motorbike and explore a dynamic world dramatically affected by the weather, a dramatic day/night cycle, and the evolving Freakers, who adjust to their surroundings – and the people in it.
  • A compelling story: Lose yourself in a powerful tale of desperation, betrayal, and regret, as Deacon St. John searches for hope after suffering a deep, personal loss. What makes us human when faced with the daily struggle for survival?

Moreover, the game also introducing several PC exclusive features. This includes:

  1. Ultra-Wide Monitor support.
  2. Unlocked Frame-rates
  3. Increases detailing to the environment and overall game.

There are four different modes:

  1. New Game Plus (sounds like new game with hardcore mode with all achievements and gears from the completed game. It is also present on Horizon: Zero Dawn, which only activates after you finish the game).
  2. Survival Mode (Horde and loads of them!)
  3. Challenge Mode ( most probably an Online multiplayer)
  4. New Bike Skins.

Days Gone is right now available for pre-order, and will be available for download starting May 19th.

Source: Steam

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