Google launches Fast Pair for Android Devices with support for 100+ headphones

The Google Quick Pair feature has been updated to accommodate a wider range of devices, including OnePlus Buds and Fitbit activity trackers.

9to5Google was the first to notice the new UI, which includes a larger Quick Pair pop-up with the name of the product you’re trying to link, a thumbnail of that product, and a connect button. It’s much more feature-packed and welcoming, and it resembles the pairing UI found on iOS devices.

Fast Pair for Android has been around for a long time, but its functionality has been severely restricted. It was initially limited to Google’s Pixel phones and then to Google’s Pixel Buds. This year, Google is expanding the functionality to a wider range of devices and making pairing accessories with Android phones almost too easy.

Place the Bluetooth device to be paired near the Android phone to begin the pairing process. When Fast Pair is activated, a card will appear with the device’s name and the Google account with which it will be associated. To pair the phone with the Bluetooth system, all that is needed is to press the Connect button.

Quick Pair has the benefit of not replicating the procedure on a new Android phone as long as the same Google account is used. The newly revamped Quick Pair is compatible with JBL and Sony devices and is available on all Android phones with the latest Google Play services.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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