iPhone 11 running iOS 14

iOS 14 Now Runs On More Than 90% of Supported Devices

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iOS 14 was introduced back in WWDC 2020 and was available to download as an update in Fall. According to data from Mixpanel, iOS 14 now runs on 90.45% of iOS devices that support it. Apart from iOS 14, 5.07% of users are still running iOS 13, while 4.48% of users are on iOS 12 or older versions.

The report does not come as a surprise since iOS users have a history of the highest adoption rates in the history of technology. According to data from the  Apple Developer website, 80% of all iOS devices were already running iOS 14 by February 24, 2021.

Apple is now working on iOS 14.5 which is one of the most important updates this year. It will bring the App Tracking Transparency to the iPhone which is a great step towards ensuring privacy for users.