Google Meet extends free unlimited use through June

Google Meet, the company’s group video chat alternative to platforms like Zoom. Will continue to offer free unlimited use until the end of June, the company has announced.

Though the platform already had a free option for users. It was limited in a way that didn’t work for those who were working or studying from home.

In order to get the unlimited 24-hour group video chats, you’d have to sign up for Google Workspace Essentials at $8/month. Google waived that requirement last year, however, and originally intended to end its free unlimited use for standard Gmail users late last year.

The company extended that deadline, and now it has bumped it again, this time through June 2021. There’s a good reason for Google to continue offering free use, of course. And not just for its user many people will likely still be working and studying at home rolling into June.

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