Samsung foldable to launch in Q3 with Note series to launch next year.

Samsung is committed to their foldable smartphones and yep, they are not killing the Note series, just because the S series now support S-Pen. Moreover, we might see more M-series devices, along with a new FE device by the end of the year.

Galaxy Note is here to remain, FE device will come in Q4 – Samsung.

In a stakeholders meeting, DJ Koh announced that they will not launch its next Note device because shortage of silicon chips, but will remain committed to the series. The Note series will not die, and we will see the next Note somewhere near Q1 next year.

In fact, thanks to chip shortage, there can be more issues with the new smartphones. Even the M-series, Fold series, and the FE series will face this as well. Samsung is planning to launch the next-gen fold devices somewhere near the Q3 of 2021. This will come along with WearOS based Galaxy Watches, which will make debut this year, as Samsung has given up on Tizen ultimately for their smart watches. In the similar fashion, Samsung is also planning to launch the Galaxy S21 FE device later in the Q4 of 2021. You might also see new M-series launching sometime later this year.

As of now, Samsung hasn’t announced as of when they will launch the new Note next year. We can assume it that they might launch it during the Jan-Feb, given how they launched their S-series devices this year.

Source: GSMArena

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