Android 12 DP2 update out, Google made changes to the dark mode.

Google is now pushing the Android 12 DP2 update now for the Pixel devices. The update is still a developer focused as the the name DP or Developer Preview suggests. So Google is pushing many new and many improved APIs for the developers to test their app and make the app Android 12 ready before official rollout.

Android 12 DP2 brings some new APIs, changes in Dark Mode as well.

The DP2 brings some new APIs on Android 12. And for the same, Google is looking for feedback on the new APIs and is looking for the “critical” issues, and will try to resolve them before official rollout.

  1. App developers can ask device to be unlocked before accessing the app from lockscreen notifications.
  2. Developers can now prevent overlays over their apps if performing some “mission critical” job, like bank transactions.
  3. Apps n request for rounded corners of the devices, to prevent truncating the app’s corners, thus retaining the smooth design patters.
  4. On exiting the media app, the app will switch to PiP mode or Picture in Picture mode.
  5. A new API – CompanionDeviceService API will benefit and help manage the supported apps with the use of watches and fitness bands.
  6. More accurate bandwidth Estimation API and easier ways to apply visual changes.

Google has also made a change in the Dark mode. Since Android 10, Dark mode is being a favorite for every Android user. However, with Android 12, Google is ditching the pitch-black Dark Mode, which generally benefits the OLED displays, to a more light-grey color. Do note that this light-grey is lighter than the DP1 change.

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