Amazon’s telehealth service will expand nationwide this summer


Amazon’s virtual healthcare service, Amazon Care, will be available to all U.S. Companies and Amazon employees starting this summer. The telehealth service is currently available to Amazon employees and employees of companies in Washington.

Who supplies Amazon Care. The app, available for iOS and Android, virtually connects employees and their families to medical professionals allowing patients to live chat with a nurse or doctor via in-app messaging or video.

The program also includes an in-person component in which medical professional visits a patient’s home. To provide additional care such as routine blood draws or listening to a patient’s lungs among other procedures. Amazon Care’s in-person service will expand to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Seattle in the coming months.

Amazon Care also provides COVID-19 and flu testing, treatment of injuries and illnesses, vaccinations, sexual health care, preventive care, and prescription requests, refills, and deliveries.

Previously, the service was only available for Amazon employees based in Washington. The service expanded to all Washington-based companies who wish to offer it to their employees Wednesday.