Netflix is testing a new plan for the Indian market.


Netflix is currently testing a new plan, which will be available for use on mobile phone, tablet and computer. The new price is kind of subtle, and far better than their mobile only plan.

Netflix Mobile+ plan – What will you get after all?

Netflix Mobile+ is the new plan for the Indian market. You can enjoy Netflix content at FHD(depends on the show at the end). The device count remains the same as the UltraHD plan – 4 devices at once. Moreover, you can use the plan on the smartphone, tablet, and computer, whereas the TV is not included at all.

Update: Please Note, you can use the plan for a single screen at a time. For example, if you use phone and laptop, you can only use either of them to stream at a time.


Its a totally different from the Mobile-only plan. The Mobile-only plan costs around ₹199 a month, which includes SD or 480p streaming for phone and tablet, and doesn’t include the computer or TV. The new plan will cost you ₹299 a month, and enough for 4 users in total and that too in FHD. You can enjoy FHD videos only if your device supports Widewine L1 certification.

PS: The said plan is currently under testing, since you may or may not get to see the new plan. So keep on checking.

But beware of sharing the password with someone, as Netflix is now cracking down on the accounts which are sharing passwords.

Source: Netflix

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