Pixel devices become the first Android 11 devices to get MDF certification.

Pixel devices recently got certificated with best possible security certification a device can ever get for entering enterprises. The Pixels are being MDF certified which makes sure that the device and its data are well protected and backed by best in class security.

Google Pixel became the first smartphone to get certified with the new OS onboard.

For this kind of certification, the companies and the organizations look for independent certifications for confirming the claims done by the OEMS. Majority of the companies head towards Common Criteria (CC) who is behind MDF or Mobile Device Fundamentals.

The labs at CC are authorized labs, which conduct experiments with devices under a controlled environment and look at the real-world threats for the consumers and the enterprises at the same time. Google uses four strategies to counterattack threats like eavesdropping, flawed applications etc, on their Pixel by using the following:

  1. Protected communications (encryption of data-in-transit): Use of cryptography and transport protocols to encrypt data transmission over WiFi or other networks.
  2. Protected Storage(encryption of data-at-rest): Use of cryptography from the SoC, and tamper-resistant hardware such as Titan M to encrypt the storage of the device.
  3. Authorization and Authentication: Use of methods such as biometrics, pin, pattern, etc. to secure the device
  4. Mobile Device Integrity: Use of Seamless OS Updates, Android’s Verified Boot, and Play System updates.
  5. Auditability: Abilities for IT dept or the user of the device to generate and read logs of device restart, shutdown, data encryption, and key management.
  6. Mobile Device Configuration: Allows IT admins or users to apply security policies via Android Enterprise.

As per the reports, Google says that it is the first OEM manufacturer to get the certification on a new OS. By last two consecutive years, Samsung, and Apple are continuously getting the certifications for all their devices.

Source: 9to5Google

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