Common Outlook Mail Errors and How to Fix Them

Today Microsoft’s mail, Outlook, is used mainly by companies, but many users use it in a private way together with others, such as Gmail. As with most programs, we have probably had problems when using it. The most common ones have to do above all with the start of it or with the sending and receiving of messages or errors like [pii_email_8fac9ab2d973e77c2bb9].


One of the advantages of this email is that if it presents an error in operation, Microsoft has developed several tools that help diagnose, solve and correct problems with Outlook automatically. All of this can be done through. Support and Recovery Wizard, which is run to perform some diagnostic tests, as well as tell us how to set up a new profile and how to resolve other issues. If you notice errors when making your diagnosis, indicate the steps that can be taken to reach a definitive solution. This Wizard can be downloaded through its website.

This guide helps us to solve something as frequent as that suddenly the email does not start, that it is not possible to send or receive emails and when connection problems arise from the desktop, among others.

Send and receive emails

Precisely errors when sending or receiving emails are one of the most common obstacles in Outlook. When this happens to us, we will have to carry out a series of initial checks. The first and most basic is to see if we are connected to the internet. Sometimes we turn on the computer and go straight to email without even buying something as basic as this.

The other step is to verify the account settings, as there may be some error in it. To do this, and specifically for Windows versions 2013 and 2010 (for others the options will be similar) within the mail we must look for the File, Information, Account Settings tab. Then from Email, choose New.

Within the dialog box that will appear and in the Add new account option, you will have to fill in the fields in the Email account section in Automatic account configuration. They will ask us for a series of data, such as our name, email address, password that we will obtain from the ISP, that is, from our internet service provider. Our ISP has had to provide us with this information when configuring the network and it is something that we will always have to have on hand in case problems of this type occur [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea].

Once all the fields have been filled in, with the data provided, Outlook will try to automatically configure the account again. Something that we can verify as this will appear specified in Add a new email account. We will give it to finish and everything should be fixed.

If we wish, we can also do a manual configuration, although this process is somewhat more complicated and requires a little more knowledge.

Clean outbox, suspicious messages and antivirus

Another thing that we must always do with this email to avoid possible failures in its operation is to delete the messages that are considered suspicious from our inbox. We will have to select them and do this process, but if you do not let us, we will have to contact the supplier to discard them.

It is important to check if we have any antivirus installed that may be interfering with the correct functioning of our Outlook. Some of them incorporate a scanning function for emails and this can cause them to be blocked at a certain time.

It is good that we also remove those emails that have been stuck in the outbox. We will have to go to the Send and Receive menu and then click on Work offline. Then you have to go to the Outbox and move all the messages to the Drafts folder, or select with the right button of the mouse the option Move, Another folder and choose the Drafts option.

If there are any messages that are stuck, you need to follow these steps to clear those messages. From this folder we can modify the characteristics of the message and try to send it again. Once we have made the relevant changes we can remove it from the drafts folder.

Wait time

Sometimes it happens that the error is accompanied by a message stating that there is a problem with the timeout. This could be resolved by increasing the server time in Outlook or Outlook Express. To resolve this issue in the versions of Outlook 2010 and following, you have to go to the mail and from the File menu click on Information, Account Settings, and Account Settings from the list.

Then select the destination POP3 account and click Change. Then we continue on More settings and Advanced options. From here on we can gradually configure the server waiting time, at least until the problem is solved.

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