Sony Will Reportedly Start Supporting SSD Upgrades for the PS5 Later This Summer

One of the PS5’s few shortcomings compared to the Xbox Series X is its smaller built-in storage. However, based on a new report, it seems Sony is working to address that by adding support for the PS5’s SSD expansion bay later this summer.

Since its announcement, Sony has been clear that at some point. PS5 owners would be able to upgrade their consoles with a second M.2 SSD using the PS5’s expansion bay. Which is located in a slot behind the PS5’s removable plastic shell.

Unfortunately, Sony has yet to provide a list of compatible drives approved. To work in the PS5 or even an official timeline for when expandable storage will be available.

 PS5 games must be installed on the console’s internal drive before they can be played. Which significantly reduces the value of external storage, and makes storing and transferring games. Between internal and external storage a bit of a hassle.

And with games like Call of Duty growing larger and larger thanks to high-res texture packs. And DLC to the point where Activision is even warning PS4 owners they may need to delete data in order for the game to fit. There’s a huge benefit to having plenty of fast internal storage.

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