Android TV could have some serious competition ahead with LG opening up Web OS

LG is opening up its Web OS TV platform to third-party TV brands. The move could spell trouble for Google’s Android TV platform which is also found on many smart TVs and streaming boxes.

Even though you’ll find an Android TV device easier to procure on a budget, it’s not the most popular smart TV operating system. With LG democratizing Web OS, it’s not only taking on Android TV and Samsung’s Tizen OS but also Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV. LG says its move has the potential to significantly grow “its presence and prominence in the global home entertainment market.”

Third-party Web OS TVs will also get key features of the platform such as voice search, access to LG’s superb magic remote, and support for popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and more. Besides this, the company will also be able to get more eyes on its ad-supported LG Channels.

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