Instagram is Adding Features to Block Trolls and Stalkers More Efficiently

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One of the biggest problems Instagram and other social media currently face is the number of trolls and stalkers on different platforms. People who wish to keep their profiles publicly accessible for professional reasons end up getting attention from trolls in the comments or messages. Or perhaps you get added to a group chat filled with random strangers and you have no idea what’s happening.

Instagram is now taking steps to ensure that the number of such spam accounts is reduced. The company is working on tools to block people more efficiently.  Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi has found that the company is in fact working on two tools to block people more efficiently.

As seen in the images above, users can now add many accounts to the blocklist instead of visiting individual profiles and blocking them from there. He also found that users can also block more accounts created by the same person.

Instagram Block Stalkers Tools 3

It is good to see social media companies, specially under the umbrella of Facebook, are taking steps to ensure privacy of the users. We hope Instagram brings more tools like these in order to curb spamming and protect its users.