PlayStation 5 can cost you $500,000 after all!

Yup, you read the title right! PlayStation 5 can reach a price tag of $500,000 right now. And do you know how? Well, Caviar did that for us already. Caviar is a luxury brand that turns a normal smartphone/gadget into a luxurious item. You can even buy an iPhone with meteorite stone implanted into its outer glass along with other rare gems. Back to PS5 now!

Mine 10 BTC to buy one PlayStation 5 made out of solid gold!

At the time of writing, the cost of 1BTC is $54,879.40.

Caviar recently announced a gold-ridden PlayStation 5 dubbed Golden Rock. At the beginning, the company will make just 9 of the consoles. If you think no one in their right mind will buy a $500 console for a freaking half a million dollars. Well, let me break the ice! Caviar already received a whopping 1342 applications for this one build.

The making of the PS5 needs 4 months for one single unit. For that, Caviar has contacted local jewellers to prep a test build, and guess what it looks – pretty ugly.

Each of these units will feature 4.5KG of solid 18-carat gold, or 10 Pounds of solid 18-carat gold! Along side, the controllers will be covered all around in genuine crocodile leather with black coating.

If in case you don’t make it to the list or do not have 10BTC, you can look for the Carbon and Black Leather editions.

The Carbon edition will set you a hefty price of $5,830. This will be covered in a stealth-grade carbon fiber all around. On the other hand, The Alligator leather with Black color will cost $8,140. There will be 99 builds in total.

Also, do note that these are all Digital editions.

Source: GSMArena

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