Apple is reportedly making a magnetic iPhone battery pack

Accessories, Apple

MagSafe on the iPhone 12 series has mainly been useful for wallets and charging stations. But Apple is apparently ready to extend that functionality in new ways.

Unlike previous Apple battery packs, this wouldn’t double as a case not necessarily as elegant. But helpful if you have a preferred case and only occasionally if it needs a boost.

The prototype battery add-on reportedly stays in place, but currently has issues with false overheating alerts. As well as switching between a ‘naked’ iPhone and a case. Apple eventually scrapped AirPower despite announcing it on stage.

The pack could serve as a poster child for MagSafe that drives sales of iPhones and their accessories. It would certainly be helpful to wirelessly charge your phone while it’s still in your pocket. It may just be a question of practicality. If the accessory charges too slowly or carries too much of a premium, it might be a tougher sell no matter how convenient the magnetic connection might be.