OneUI 3.1 will make its way to Galaxy Note 20, S20, and A-series devices.

Samsung has announced that they are going to launch their OneUI 3.1 for the masses starting from Galaxy Note 20 series, S20 series, and Fold series. As of now, these three series have received the update.

OneUI 3.1 will come with features…

The OneUI 3.1 made its debut with Galaxy S21 series launched this year. The first F-series device – Galaxy F62 also came with the new UI out of the box. And now, Samsung is preparing to release the UI update for the masses and has already begun the process. Right now, The Galaxy S20 series is getting the update, followed by Galaxy Note 20 series. Alongside, the Galaxy Z Fold series is also getting the update. The list of devices those are yet to get are as follows:

  1. Galaxy A51 – Has started receiving Android 11 Updates in India already, rest will get soon.
  2. Galaxy A71 – No Updates as of now, Still on Android 10.
  3. Galaxy A90 – No Updates.
  4. Galaxy A80 – No Updates.
  5. Galaxy A50 – No Updates.
  6. Galaxy A70 – No Updates.

The update rollout has begun already.

But do note, only a limited set of features are made available for older devices. Not all of the S21 features will be given. Some features like Eye Comfort Shield, improved Single take, Object deletion tool, Private Share and removal of location before share will be available. Some features like Google Discover (which replaced Samsung Daily now Samsung Free), Director’s View aren’t mentioned. It is highly unlikely that these features will come out from S21 series to older devices.

Those who use Galaxy Buds Pro, will get 360 Audio, and the Auto Switch will be shipped for Galaxy Buds Pro, Buds Live and Buds+, which allows user to switch between phone and tablet, if connected together to the Buds.

Not many of the features are known, but once my A71 receives Android 11 and then OneUI 3.1, I will write up with the features that made into the update along with the above mentioned.

Source: Sammobile

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